RedSiren Enhances 1stWatch

Security and network management MSP RedSiren Technologies Inc. this week announced important security enhancements to its 1stWatch offering designed to bolster the security of its customers’ IT systems as well as their remote access to RedSiren’s operations center.

“We lead our industry right now in addressing security as an essential element of network management,” said Harvey Pollack, president and CEO of RedSiren. “For this reason, we’re committed to making top-tier security technologies and expertise available to our clients that might otherwise be out of reach. We will continue to expand support for other leading industry solutions.”

RedSiren’s newly announced security enhancements include PKI Integration, Firewall Integrity Monitoring for Cisco PIX and Symantec Raptor firewalls, and Intrusion Detection Monitoring.

PKI Integration allows RedSiren to provide digital certificates for customers accessing their system status online via RedSiren 1stView, an integrated, web-based customer monitor. “We are our own certificate authority. This allows us to offer a true ‘gold standard’ for authenticating and validating access rights, an important concern when our customers leverage the Internet to access confidential information,” L. Dain Gary, vice president and chief security officer for RedSiren explains.

For PIX firewalls, RedSiren monitors the status of sensitive configuration files to ensure integrity and to detect any intrusion of the operating system, in addition to monitoring health and welfare criteria, such as email parameters and traffic performance. For Symantec’s Raptor firewall, RedSiren monitors health and welfare of the server on which the firewall resides, looks at the operating system for potential intrusion and monitors the configuration and system files to make sure they have not been changed. “Our customers have peace of mind knowing that the integrity of their firewalls is continuously monitored and that RedSiren will notify and advise them if a breach is detected, 24×7,” Gary says.

Intrusion Detection Monitoring is offered for network and host levels. When a possible intrusion is identified, RedSiren notifies the customer and makes recommendations of immediate actions to be taken. For situations that require on-site incident response, RedSiren security experts are available.

As an MSP, RedSiren allows businesses to remotely monitor and manage critical components of their IT infrastructures. RedSiren consolidates and integrates functionality of management applications in order to present businesses with information and recommendations to ensure the security, health, welfare and connectivity of their networks, and ultimately the continuity of their businesses.

Relationships with BMC Software, Cisco, Micromuse, Remedy, RSA and Symantec allow RedSiren to offer its customers monitoring solutions with secure and reliable communications, and reporting technology underlying the monitoring tools. Complementing these applications, RedSiren’s team of security and network experts add value by applying their knowledge and industry best practices to the configuration and optimization of those tools.

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