Rivio Enhances Business Services

Rivio Inc. this week upgraded its Business Services suite with advanced payroll and HR functionality, as well as tighter integration with Intuit Inc.’s QuickBooks accounting software and Microsoft’s bCentral Services.

“The latest version of the Rivio Business Services suite demonstrates our company’s great success in delivering a comprehensive product to small businesses, in association with trusted industry partners,” said Navin Chaddha, Rivio president and CEO. “Our product and our extensive reach into the small business sector provides Rivio with an excellent opportunity to capture market share and increase customer adoption rates.”

In January 2001, Rivio announced an extensive relationship with Microsoft Corp. for the integration of product delivery and distribution for Microsoft bCentral Services and Rivio Business Services. In conjunction with this current release of Rivio Business Services, Rivio has integrated access to bCentral Services into its core product offering and will deploy those services via other Rivio channels.

Microsoft bCentral Services include bCentral Business Card, bCentral Business Web Services, bCentral Commerce Manager, bCentral Customer Manager, bCentral Finance Manager and bCentral Traffic Builder. In addition, Rivio Business Services are also promoted on the Microsoft bCentral site.

In partnership with payroll provider InterPay, Rivio is offering payroll processing via a user interface through Rivio Payroll Manager. This functionality facilitates submission of timesheet data, includes integration with human resource records, and provides a seamless XML payroll data feed to InterPay’s payroll engine. Users can view payroll records, review timesheets, make payroll adjustments and preview the final payroll report before processing.

“Studies show that the majority of payroll adjustments appear in the final hours of the pay period, creating an administrative headache for controllers and administrators alike,” said Les Goldstein, president and CEO of InterPay. “Rivio’s use of InterPay technology can significantly reduce that pain for small businesses, by minimizing the need to double-enter data, and lessening typical errors associated with payroll paperwork.”

The new version of the Rivio Business Services’ Office Manager also features enhanced HR functionality, building upon the company’s core proposition of providing self-service access to key information and services for all employees. The new Rivio HR Manager enables administrators to manage all employee records and information from one workstation.

For example, with the Rivio HR Manager, an administrator can search employee information and produce reports based on specific metrics such as employment status, and compensation information. The system also grants employees access to their individual personnel records, enabling them to track their timesheets, compensation history, and other metrics directly associated with their employment.

Rivio’s Accounting Hub offers access to customer and job codes used by Rivio services, such as expense reports, invoices and purchase requests. It also allows for easy synchronization with QuickBooks accounting software, to allow import and export of all employee records, customer and project records, as well as export of expense report data.

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