Rockliffe Woos Critical Path Customers

Smelling blood in the water, e-mail infrastructure provider, Rockliffe says it wants to shark the competition and net their former clients.

The Campbell-based company Tuesday launched an aggressive campaign that targets current Critical Path (Nasdaq: CPTH) customers, outsourcing partners and vendors.

To lure clients away from the competition, Rockliffe is offering a limited-time discount of 50 percent off the company’s MailSite Enterprise to sites that currently use Critical Path’s InScribe Messaging Server, allowing sites of all sizes to upgrade to Rockliffe’s solution for only $1,995.

Rockliffe CEO John Davies, who is at the Networld+Interop conference in Las Vegas this week, says he’s spending a lot of time talking to people who have dealt with Critical Path.

“Customers must be very nervous about the future of Critical Path,” says Davies. “I’ve already contacted some of their vendors and companies that use them for outsourcing. We want to give them an alternative. We are profitable and we’ve been around since 1995. We’re not going anywhere.”

San Francisco-based Critical Path also provides of services and software for electronic mail and messaging. The company’s problems stem from systems the announcement of sales of licensing agreements that should not have been booked, or allocated to other periods. Trading was halted on Feb. 2, pending preliminary investigation and did not resume until adjusted figures were posted on Feb. 14. The charges have resulted in several class action lawsuits, a SEC fraud investigation, layoffs and mounting losses.

Davies says MailSite Enterprise is designed to work best on the Windows 2000 platform, and can support over 50,000 mailboxes on a single server. The e-mail platform also includes extensive anti-spam and mail filtering capabilities, an integrated list server, and delegated administration. The package also includes MailSite Express, a bundled Web-based mail client that supports 17 languages, as well as MailSite Pocket, a wireless client for WAP devices.

Rockliffe recently announced its strategic relationship with Compaq Computer
to jointly develop and market a version of Rockliffe’s MailSite to run on the Compaq NonStop Himalaya server,

“With this competitive discount, we are looking forward to helping these sites migrate to our solution,” says Davies.

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