ServInt Adds DSL Access, Service Partners

ServInt Internet
announced Wednesday that Digital Subscriber Line services are now available to businesses in Baltimore and Washington D.C.

“Every business that
always wanted a T1 but thought they were too expensive should be very
interested in our DSL services that guarantee a high-speed Internet
experience for a few hundred dollars a month,” said Reed Caldwell, ServInt’s president and chief executive officer.

DSL technology provides high-speed, dedicated Internet access over
existing copper phone lines. ServInt offers SDSL business connections
that reach speeds comparable to a T1 feed at 1.544 Mbps. An ISDN
version of the DSL connection is also available depending on a
customer’s location. The distance from a business to their phone company’s
central office determines which DSL service a business can utilize.

“It’s important to distinguish SDSL service from ADSL consumer
service.” Said Mike Gibbs, director of engineering at ServInt.

“Asymmetrical Digital Subscriber Line is a service that is designed
for web surfing. The SDSL and IDSL connectivity that ServInt offers
are business-class, proven technologies with symmetric bandwidth
availability and the service includes reliability guarantees that will
allow businesses to use it for most mission-critical applications.”

In related announcements, ServInt also expanded their relationships
with CacheFlow, Mirror Image Internet Inc., and
Neutral NAP.

The deployment of CacheFlow Internet Accelerators on the ServInt local
network allows for the company to deliver more than 300 megabits per
second of traffic to a growing number of customers. Caldwell said,
“With CacheFlow’s technology we are assured out customer’s content is
being delivered at lightning speeds.”

The ServInt agreement with Mirror Image will provide immediate access
for ISPs and clients to the Mirror Image Internet Central Cache
Connection. Under the terms of the agreement, Mirror Image will also
work with the ServInt direct sales force.

“Bandwidth and more bandwidth is what Internet users are demanding'”
said David Wu, president of Mirror Image. Inc. “Boosting network speed
with the Mirror Image Central Cache Connection delivers a value-added
caching solution that bypasses the Internet bottleneck for shared
Mirror Image and ServInt customers.”

ServInt also added Neutral NAP to their existing NAP connections at
the MAE-East and MAE-West Network Access Points, the Chicago ADDS ATM
NAP, the Sprint NAP and the Pacific Bell NAP today.

“Neutral NAP is an excellent addition to our network,” Caldwell said.
“As we expand out network, we’re pushing a strategy of establishing
peering and interconnects with all providers, not just our major
national peers.”

Bob Gibson, vice president of Pimmit Run Research Inc., owners of
Neutral NAP said “we’re glad to provide a venue through which national backbones and smaller providers can meet and peer, since this improves
the speed and quality of the Internet as a whole.”

ServInt currently operates the only privately-funded IP backbone in the U.S.

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