SilverBack Adds to InfoCare

MSP SilverBack Technologies Inc. today announced the availability of additional features to its InfoCare IT monitoring solution.

New InfoCare BASIC enhancements augment existing monitoring capabilities by providing alert notification and support for frame relay and switch port monitoring. InfoCare PREMIUM features include Microsoft Windows and Exchange monitoring, enhanced server monitoring for HP Unix 11.0 systems and Oracle database monitoring across any operating system.

“Our clients are our greatest resource, so we are always looking for ways to add greater functionality to our solution based on their needs,” said Greg Bruell, CTO of SilverBack. “That means we are constantly enhancing our InfoCare feature set in order to provide our customers with more comprehensive ways to improve their IT Quality of Service (QoS). With the release of InfoCare’s newest enhancements, our customers will be better informed on the overall status of network, systems and applications through proactive and highly customizable alerts designed to identify issues before they impact their business.”

Key Enhancements Provide Broader Coverage and Customizable Alerting Capabilities

SilverBack’s InfoCare solution incorporates a number of significant IT monitoring features designed to reduce IT downtime and improve QoS. InfoCare’s latest enhancements include:

  • Frame Relay Monitoring – The latest version of InfoCare BASIC provides tools to monitor frame relay performance, ensuring the availability of critical systems and aiding in network capacity planning. This new functionality also allows the enterprise to validate its service level agreements (SLAs) with carriers, making sure that their service provider is meeting its required service levels.
  • Notification Rule Wizard – A new wizard lets the IT department choose the alert method, whether by pager or e mail, and the proper response team for network, server or application problems. For example, the network manager would be notified of any network failures and the database administrator would be funneled alerts regarding any database issues, thus reducing resolution times by having the proper personnel informed of specific IT issues.
  • Switch Port Monitoring – InfoCare BASIC now includes the ability for IT staff to identify port level switch problems through the use of proactive page or email alerts. An IT administrator can track the most utilized network segments to quickly determine the source congestion at the switch or port level.
  • Enhanced Server Monitoring and O/S Support – Support for Hewlett-Packard Unix 11.0 server monitoring is now available as an InfoCare PREMIUM add-on. IT administrators are now able to monitor the health of their Oracle databases across any operating system, enabling them to perform a trend analysis of their database performance and be proactively alerted of any capacity issues.

In addition, support for Microsoft Windows and Exchange monitoring is available as an InfoCare Premium add-on. InfoCare’s Windows Service and Process Monitor allow customers to proactively manage the availability of Microsoft Windows NT and Windows 2000 systems and server applications. With InfoCare’s Exchange monitoring capabilities, IT managers can ensure their users are productive by preventing Exchange outages.

SilverBack’s InfoCare solution now includes support for frame relay monitoring. Mid-sized enterprise customers, such as Kritzer & Levick, P.C., a law firm based in Atlanta with over 70 attorneys operating across the country, are utilizing this new feature to gauge frame relay performance, availability, and capacity rates, providing external validation for SLA agreements with their service provider. Kritzer & Levick can also monitor traffic levels to ensure that service provider charges are accurate and that pre-determined bandwidth agreements are being met.

InfoCare customers can now take advantage of targeted paging and e mail notifications that inform appropriate IT staff members of specific problems. The Facility Group, a project management services company for such clients as Office Max and Coca-Cola, is utilizing the notification wizard to route IT alerts to the correct response team.

“With limited resources and a dedicated staff, we needed a cost-effective way to manage a variety of critical infrastructure devices and looked to SilverBack for a solution,” said Jim Krochmal, vice president of Information Technology and Information Systems at the Facility Group. “Using the paging notification feature, we are able to stay on top of any network downtime issues the second they arise. This translates into a more effective way for us to monitor the overall health of our IT environment while providing improved quality of service (QoS) to our IT users.

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