SilverBack Forms Authorized Reseller Program

MSP SilverBack Technologies, Inc. yesterday launched the SilverBack Authorized Reseller Program, announced three resellers and intends to better position its InfoCare service through the program.

The subscription-based InfoCare service is for small and medium sized customers and provides advanced monitoring, reporting and security capabilities, allowing users to focus its IT resources on other system administration instead of having to provide support for its existing network and systems management infrastructure.

InfoCare is an information service SilverBack delivers to the IT industry through an application hosted product. Information can be hosted in either SilverBack’s data center or directly in the clients’ systems.

According to John Igoe, president and chief executive officer, SilverBack offers a two and three year contract. The cost to customers ranges from $2,000 to $4,000 per month, which includes five key services.

“The ideals client for InfoCare is a company with 250 network devices and 600 employees,” explained Igoe. SilverBack is targeting companies with under 1,000 employees. “We are going after the type of traditional companies that buy through a regional VAR,” he said.

SilverBack kicked off its strategic partner initiative by naming Adaptive Communications, Geneer and IntelliNet Corporation program members.

Igoe told ASP-News that SilverBack is in the process of talking with additional program partners, and will be making another announcement in the next month.

“We are looking to establish relationships with high quality partners as opposed to going after quantity of partners,” he said. According to Igoe, the ideal candidates for the Reseller Program are regional VARs and organizations in the CLEX space.

According to SilverBack, resellers participating in the partner program will be able to provide customers with a value-add service, helping them to better understand the overall health of the IT environment. “We enable partners to provide a value normally only achieved at the enterprise model level and help bring them into a new market,” Igoe explained.

SilverBack offers three key areas of strength as a leverage platform to program partners: reduction in total cost of ownership for IT resources, greater network management and auditing capability and maximizing IT staff time.

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