SilverStream Extends Integrated Offerings

SilverStream Software Inc. today announced the availability of two new products for both XML and J2EE integration, adding to the SilverStream eXtend product suite that provides integrated services environment for enhancing the creation and delivery of services-oriented applications.

SilverStream extend Composer 3.0 (eXtend Composer), a fully standards-based XML integration engine can enable organizations to access a range of enterprise information systems using Web Services.

Using the power of XML, SilverStream says eXtend Composer can transform existing systems so that they can be leveraged in sophisticated business applications such as advanced portals and trading exchanges.

SilverStream eXtend Composer includes a high-productivity design environment that allows information analysts and application programmers to rapidly build and deploy services-oriented applications, including Web Services.

eXtend Composer executes Web Services in J2EE application servers, exploiting each server’s performance and clustering capabilities to allow Web Services to support processing requirements such as load balancing, connection pooling, caching and fault-tolerance.

“In a business economy where speed is paramount, the ability to seamlessly link our internal applications and then connect those systems to our customers and suppliers is invaluable,” says SilverStream partner George Muller, CIO at Imperial Sugar Company, the largest sugar refiner and processor in the United States.

He argues that through partnering with SilverStream, the firm has built a solid Web Services foundation, tying its extranet to its operational systems and using eXtend’s time-to-market profile to better position the firm for future opportunities.

“A number of new technologies and trends have converged and matured to the point where organizations can integrate existing systems to solve real business challenges as never before,” says Fred Holahan, vice president and general manager of SilverStream’s eBusiness integration products.

“eXtend Composer enables organizations to unlock the potential of existing information and technology assets using Web Services, and allows organizations to implement Web Services-based applications within the most aggressive time-to-market constraints,” he adds.

A further addition to SilverStream eXtend’s integrated services environment is SilverStream eXtend Director 3.0 (eXtend Director), a new product designed to both simplify and accelerate the development and deployment of J2EE-based business applications.

SilverStream says eXtend Director provides J2EE-compatible subsystems for content management, business rules, workflow, personalization, portal creation, security, search, wireless device customization, advanced caching, required for organization to build, deploy and maintain services-oriented applications.

“Through the release of eXtend Director, SilverStream is helping companies to use Web Services to rapidly implement flexible, standards-based business systems,” says Brad Murphy, CEO of Web Services IT consulting firm, digitalESP, a SilverStream partner.

According to Kim Sheffield, vice president of eBusiness Technologies for SilverStream Software, eXtend Director leverages both the portability and interoperability afforded by J2EE standards: “SilverStream transforms the delivery of content and services by providing flexible, standards-based Java development frameworks. eXtend Director can accelerate the development and deployment of flexible business systems,” she explains.

Both products are fully J2EE and cross-platform compatible. Application components can be deployed into and are fully portable across J2EE application servers including the SilverStream eXtend Application Server, IBM’s WebSphere and BEA’s WebLogic.

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