Sphera Announces HostingDirector 2.0

With the goal of automating the Web hosting industry through true virtual dedicated servers, Sphera Corporation yesterday announced Sphera HostingDirector 2.0.

Sphera HostingDirector 2.0 is a software solution offering the ASP, ISP and Web hosting provider communities an end-to-end service automation for deploying new services and applications. The core technology creates a customer-unique virtual server that is independent from other virtual servers operating on the same system, enabling providers to partner with their customers.

Sphera Corporationis focused on providing integrated and advanced software to suit the needs of the hosting industry.

Jamison Moore, sales engineer, explained to ASP-News that true virtual dedicated servers are very much like standard virtual hosters. “It has been around for years, but we’ve reinvented the way it is used,” he said. Each server has its own instance of Apache, Sendmail. FTP and Qpopper.

HostingDirector’s unified graphic user interface (GUI) provides a central management point to the entire operation. The GUI includes three levels, SysAdmin, Reseller and End User.

“The SysAdmin level is for Web hosting companies,” Moore said. “The Reseller level allows clients to put different levels on each account. The End User level allows clients to set up mail accounts and message boards, which can all be installed at the push of a button. It is very similar to an ASP because you can host any software.”

An automatic upgrade feature is built into the software. “We receive the latest update and will install it into out system,” Moore explained. “Each night, our clients’ systems log into our systems and automatically receive any upgrades. This happens with all the software including the Sphera software.”

Sphera HostingDirector 2.0 runs on UNIX and LINUX server platforms. Client system access is available from and popular browser.

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