Sprint, Cisco Offer Business Access Packages

Sprint and Cisco Systems Inc. Wednesday unveiled three new Internet and intranet access packages for businesses.

The Sprint (FON)
and Cisco (CSCO)
offer, dubbed Enterprise Internet Access Solutions, will provide
businesses of all sizes with a convenient solution for connecting to the Net.

The three comprehensive Internet access solutions are designed to meet low,
medium, and high-end bandwidth needs. The solutions will target businesses with minimal bandwidth
requirements or those looking to expand their current Internet
applications beyond basic services, and companies who want to conduct
online commerce through a dedicated connection.

Also, each of these packages will give businesses everything they need to
access the Net at one fixed price, alleviating business issues over highly
volatile usage costs.

“Reliable, efficient and secure Internet access is an essential part of any
e-business strategy and this combination will give business customers
unmatched expertise in providing the foundation upon which they can improve
their business processes through the use of applications for enterprise
resource planning, customer relationship management, e-commerce and other
applications,” said Tammy Cancela, vice president of large business
marketing for Sprint.

Features of this offer include:

  • Assessment of the appropriate Internet connection package, based on
    business needs

  • Installation and maintenance of the dedicated Internet connection
  • Assured interoperability and reliability of hardware and network

  • Fixed pricing with no usage costs
  • Service guarantees offering 99.9 percent — 100 percent end-to-end

  • Twenty-four-hour customer service for technical support and troubleshooting
  • Primary and secondary domain name service, IP address registration,
    and a network news feed

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