SSP Solutions New ASP Offering

SSP Solutions, Inc. , a Las Vegas, Nev.-based provider of enterprise security software solutions, Tuesday announced its Secure Services ASP offering, targeting small and mid-sized public and private sector organizations.

SSP says the service promises the same level of security infrastructure provided to large enterprises and government agencies, and is an extension of SSP’s marketing program ‘Demanding Your Digital Rights.’

SSP says the campaign has been launched in response to the increasing public concern for safe environments to secure electronic transactions.

The ASP offering hopes to address those fears by enabling authentication, digitally signed and encrypted email, secure file access and transfer, secure access to Intranets, Web pages and Virtual Private Network’s (VPNs), secure work-group collaboration, and additional enterprise security features for remote IP-based network and ISP access.

“Security is no longer solely an enterprise concern. Businesses of all sizes are seeking new ways to protect customers, data and revenue,” says Richard Depew, president and chief operating officer, SSP Solutions, Inc.

“Our ASP model recognizes the need for protected digital rights within the workplace or family environment, and makes it possible for individuals or firms of any size to participate in the same high assurance security protocols and applications being used in the government or other large enterprises,” he explains.

Core to SSP’s ASP model is the hosting of SSP Profile Manager, a public key infrastructure (PKI) management system.

SSP says Profile Manager is designed to aid the secure generation, management and recovery of token file keys and certificates. It offers a complete key and certificate lifecycle management service and authentication with encrypted transmission of digital data.

Using the ASP mode, SSP says the enrollment and credentialing process of Profile Manager is streamlined by aggregating multiple customer touch points into a single consolidated entry point for member enrollment, credential issuance, administration and support — credentials could be photo ID cards, entry access credentials, smart cards, or other software or hardware tokens.

The Secure Services ASP is being designed to operate seamlessly with SSP’s programmable TAN (Trust Assurance Network) platform, developed in conjunction with systems integrator Electronic Data Systems and other technology partners.

SSP Solutions, Inc. has been a technology and data security solutions provider for government communications for 30 years. It now develops the SSP Solution Suite of services, hardware, software, and embedded security products for digital rights management, financial services, government, entertainment, healthcare, and education.

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