Creates a Niche in the ASP Market

ASP start-up is an “e-Hub” with a goal of eliminating the long paper/phone call trail between temps, staffing companies and their large corporate customers.

Based on a subscription-based model, is an ASP for automating payroll and billing processes such as timesheet submission, timesheet approval and scheduling.

The company classifies itself as competing with Web-based (B2E) packages from vendors such as Extensity, Red Gorilla and forthcoming offerings from back office vendors like Peoplesoft.

According to the company, several Global 2000 customers have agreed to pilot, many of whom use 10-20 different staffing companies. These customers want a centralized Web site where all their temps, staffing companies, and internal supervisors can go for time and expense, scheduling and other on-line reporting functions, related to the payroll and procurement processes.

“Every staffing customer we have talked to has been elated to discover that if they serve 100 large clients, we allow 100 different set of rules to be agreed to and maintained on our service,” Darren Reid, chief technology officer, said. addresses the unique business requirements that each staffing company must sign with each individual client, including a myriad of differences in rates, overtime rules, job types, and cost codes.

Follow-on functionality will include resource procurement, an expert system component for skill matching, and bid/ask exchange functionality. According to, large companies will eventually use a more automated exchange site. A defined set of staffing companies and employees will be on their preferred list. has built an integration kit that allows customers to automate the upload and download (via XML) of critical data, typically stored in back office systems such as Peoplesoft, SAP or JD Edward. The data can then be easily moved into any back office data using simple scripts.

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