StorageNetworks Wins BellSouth With STORfusion Alliance

StorageNetworks Inc. , a Waltham, Mass.-based provider of data storage management services, announced Monday that it has entered into a STORfusion services agreement with telecommunications company, BellSouth .

The partnership with BellSouth will provide the STORos operating system, STORvision command and control software and Virtual Storage Portal (VSP) software as a secure operating infrastructure layer for BellSouth’s Storage-Enabled Network (SEN).

Combining StorageNetworks’ software and services with the BellSouth SEN will provide nearly 46 million business and consumer customers in the U.S. and abroad, with network-centric storage services. The STORos operating system integrates and centralizes the distributed and heterogeneous management elements of a storage environment.

StorageNetworks’ VSP and STORvision command and control software allows both users and service providers to access, control and manage their storage infrastructure.

According to Peter Bell, chairman and CEO of StorageNetworks. Moving storage intelligence onto the network gives customers greater control over their storage environments and automates labor intensive, complex storage management tasks: “We firmly believe that the future of data storage is centralized storage management where the intelligence resides at the core of the network,” he says.

Says Donna Lee, chief marketing officer of BellSouth: “With StorageNetworks’ STORfusion services, we have an opportunity to create new sources of incremental revenue by offering data storage management services to our customers that drive cost and complexity out of their storage environments.”

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