Sun Sets Sights on Service Provider Market

Network computer monolith Sun Microsystems
Wednesday unveiled 20 new products to address service providers
dynamic business, infrastructure and technological needs.

The move signaled Sun’s intent to develop the company’s growth throughout
the service provider business market. The Sun programs are designed to
accelerate service providers’ ability to deliver value added services in
the ever-changing Net economy.

Sun’s initiative is the key to the success of program.
The company plans to compensate its sales force in order to create demand
and stimulate revenue for service providers.

While many companies focus on the Internet service provider market, Sun’s
initiative addresses the burgeoning class of SPs, consisting of ISPs,
systems integrators, value-added resellers and Web developers.

Sun’s utilizes the Internet for remote delivery of
comprehensive computing services. Company sources report that more than 75
percent of the world’s ISP servers run on Sun technology. Sun intends to
intensify its stronghold with ISPs while leveraging its expertise with all
types of service providers.

“Service providers represent a whole new business model that’s being built
entirely on the Net,” said Ed Zander, Sun’s president and chief operating officer.

“We built the backbone of the Internet. Now, our
initiative responds directly to what these companies need to succeed, and frankly, no one else has the expertise, the alliances and the products to get them there.”

Sun’s initiative includes new business practices,
products and services offering revenue optimization, network testing,
training, consulting and architecture efficiency guarantees. Any service
provider who meets a set Sun’s requirements is eligible to participate in the new programs.

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