SwapDrive Announces Wireless Support for Online Storage

Online storage firm SwapDrive, is reporting the first phase of the company’s three-tiered wireless support initiative is now available. Phase I wireless support will allow Palm VIIx personal digital assistant (PDA) users to access, view and manage their files and share data with customers, partners and fellow employees.

Phase II, expected to be integrated into the Corporate Web service in the second quarter of this year, will extend support to additional wireless platforms. Phase III, which will be rolled-out in the third quarter and will include the ability to fax, upload, download and email files from a wireless device.

According to SwapDrive Chief Executive Officer Marc Wallace, adding wireless support to SwapDrive’s Corporate Web provides PDA users with data access anytime and from anywhere. It also eliminates the need for companies to purchase external PDA storage devices, an unnecessary capital expenditure when data can be stored securely and reliably by an online storage service provider.

“Our wireless support initiative was developed to make PDAs more effective for corporations that use the devices for critical business communications and transactions,” said Wallace. “The Corporate Web wireless service will extend the functionality of PDAs by enabling the mobile workforce to have instantaneous access to data and the ability to review, edit and send very large files, such as PowerPoint presentations and complex, lengthy sales reports from anywhere using a Web-enabled PDA.”

The SwapDrive Corporate Web is a secure, Internet-based service offering that facilitates file access, sharing and collaboration among an enterprise’s mobile workforce. The service provides companies with an alternative or complement to establishing, maintaining and supporting in-house storage systems by allowing file access and sharing from any Web-enabled computer, without any client software.

Support for the Palm VII PDA is now available at http://www.swapdrive.com. The service is available as part of the SwapDrive Corporate Web at no extra charge. Costs for the Corporate Web service range from $50-200 per gigabyte per month depending on specific storage needs.

The Washington, D.C.-based SwapDrive has partnered with companies including Exodus Communications, EMC, Veritas and StorageNetworks, Inc.

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