Systemsfusion Launches Evolutionware 2.0

Systemsfusion Inc., a leading provider of management software and aggregation services for the hosted application distribution channel, Monday (Oct 30) introduced Evolutionware 2.0, an extendible software platform developed specifically for service providers (SPs).

This new version of Evolutionware is an end-to-end automation environment that enables ISPs, CLECs, Carriers and ASPs to aggregate, distribute and provision an unlimited number of IP-based applications. A key new feature of the software is the proprietary “customer self-care” user interface that allows SP customers to purchase new services and applications and manage their own accounts. All transactions use encrypted SSL within the system to ensure security. Evolutionware 2.0 also features a carrier-grade version, allowing even greater scalability for easier integration into existing billing systems.

“Evolutionware 2.0 is a complete IP provisioning environment that extends from the network level to the application level. This software platform provides the necessary bridge between base connectivity/web-hosting services and the opportunities of the ASP market,” said Nevo Hadas, president of Systemsfusion.

Developed to maximize customer value, Evolutionware 2.0’s open-ended architecture enables SPs to bundle diverse applications and services — even if they originate from partners or third party networks — with their traditional services, thereby differentiating their offerings and delivering a greater array of services to their customers.

“No customer wants to have more than one ASP,” Hadas told ASP News. “They could end up working with several vendors, and at that point they might as well have installed the software and hired their own IT staff.”

Through Evolutionware 2.0, SPs can use Systemsfusion’s EDeN (Evolutionware Distribution Network) network of applications to deliver integrated applications to end-users through an Internet-centric distribution environment. Evolutionware 2.0 features a web layer enabling the SP to rapidly generate a customized interface specific for their needs. The CORBA provisioning layer allows network administrators to directly manage and configure specific server applications and configure services from a third party through a single web interface.

Not only are SPs able to add third party applications through EDeN, they can actually become the third party distributor, or what Hadas calls a Bureau Service. In this setup, an SP who leases a number of units of an application but is not able to sell all of them to its customers can make those excess units available to other Systemsfusion partners on the EDeN network.

Corel is the latest in a series of recent additions to the EDeN platform. Its Corel Office Suite was added in September. Systemsfusion recently announced a partnership with Evoke Communications (NASDAQ:EVOK) to add its Evoke Webconferencing and Mobile Webconferencing services to EDeN.

Another recent addition is Aelix’s Qortet Unified Messaging Service, offering a centralized inbox for voicemail, email, faxes and pages from a single database, accessible online, by phone or wireless device. Hadas said that 6 more ASPs will be added by the end of the quarter in such areas as accounting, sales force automation, HR and virtual private networks.

In August, Systemsfusion became one of 20 charter members of Tarantella’s ASP Connect Program, an invitation-only organization for both subscriber- and datacenter-oriented ASP providers. It is designed to help OEMs, ASPs, ISVs, resellers and others become successful in the ASP market. It sponsors events, seminars and other activities providing members with a forum to exchange ideas and create relationships that will move the ASP business model forward.

Systemsfusion plans to expand into Spain, the Netherl

ands and Germany next year, Hadas said. As a result, over 100 applications will be added, some to accommodate language differences, and others due to straightforward expansion. “Our largest barrier right now is time,” he said.

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