Tarantella Moves into Midwest, Canada

Tarantella Inc., a wholly owned subsidiary of The Santa Cruz Operation Inc. (Nasdaq: SCOC), Monday (March 19) announced partner agreements with Goliath Networks and Gold-Tech to expand its presence in the Midwest and Canada

Systems integrator Gold-Tech will offer Tarantella Enterprise 3 web-enabling software to Canadian enterprise customers. The agreement will leverage Montreal-based Gold-Tech’s understanding of the Canadian market.

Tarantella Enterprise 3 software web-enables Windows, web-based, Linux mainframe and UNIX applications, allowing remote users anywhere to securely access vital information. The user accesses applications through a “webtop” that is easy to deploy and simple to use, and secure since the system administrator retains control over what end-users are able to access. Tarantella software is suitable for use by large enterprises and ASPs who want to deliver applications to their users over the Internet.

“The Canadian market is a key component of our global growth plans,” said Edmundo Costa, vice president of world wide channel sales for Tarantella Inc. “Gold-Tech is an ideal partner for taking our technology to enterprises and ASPs. Their expertise and depth of knowledge of the Internet, have already helped major clients streamline their operations, save time, and realize substantial cost savings.”

Gold-Tech has implemented Tarantella Enterprise 3 in several major projects, including a major integration project for Nortel. “We gave Nortel Networks an easy way to deploy shop floor applications, and to keep those applications up to date on a real-time basis,” said Jean-Pierre Gendreau, director of Gold-Tech’s Tarantella Division.

In the Midwest, IT consulting and services firm Goliath Networks has become one of Tarantella’s Premier Solution Providers in the Tarantella PartnerConnect program. Goliath will resell and integrate Tarantella’s award winning web-enabling software, a solution which will provide Goliath customers with web access to applications running on Microsoft Windows, UNIX, Linux, AS/400, web-based and mainframe systems.

“We were anxious to work with Tarantella for several reasons,” said Mark Bakken, CEO of Goliath Networks. “We’re also a Sun Microsystems Elite Partner, and it made a lot of sense because Sun and Tarantella are so close, and Tarantella Enterprise products scale so nicely on the Sun platform. Another thing that caught our eye on the Tarantella technology was its ability to work in the AS/400 environment as well. There are hundreds of installed AS/400s in Wisconsin.”

“Goliath is exactly the sort of enterprise partner we are hoping to sign up into our PartnerConnect program,” Costa said. “As a Sun Elite Partner, they have the capabilities to deliver the best of both worlds to Enterprise customers: full-featured graphical applications such a Microsoft Office on low-cost Sun Ray desktops, all hosted on powerful SPARC servers. ”

“The thin client is just now taking hold,” added Bakken. “The capabilities of the technology are very robust, and with new tools like Tarantella software, it’s coming into its own.”

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