Tarantella Releases Enterprise 3

Tarantella Inc., a wholly owned subsidiary of The Santa Cruz Operation Inc. (Nasdaq: SCOC), has released web-based shipments of Tarantella Enterprise 3 and Enterprise 3 ASP Edition web-enabling software.

The new Tarantella Enterprise 3 software provides users with significant improvements and refinements over previous editions of the award-winning web-enabling software, while maintaining all the benefits and features of the Tarantella Enterprise II edition, making it easy for users to access their applications through a web browser.

“The industry response to Tarantella Enterprise 3 has been tremendous,” said Mike Orr, president of Tarantella Inc. “Clearly, this is what the market has been waiting for. This new edition enables customers to support up to four times as many concurrent users than with Tarantella Enterprise II.”

Tarantella Enterprise 3 software is designed to support up to 1,000 users per server. Up to 50 servers can be combined into a single array to intelligently balance the server load across geographically dispersed networks, providing improved scalability and application performance. In addition, this release runs on Linux servers; introduces an integrated AS/400 connectivity pack; and delivers enhanced connectivity for Apple Macintosh clients, extending the range of servers, clients and applications supported.

The ASP Edition includes all the features of the Tarantella Enterprise 3 software, but has additional benefits designed to meet the needs of Application Service Providers (ASPs). The Tarantella Enterprise 3 Starter Pack includes a flexible purchase or rental plan, training, enhanced support, and startup services.

“Compaq uses Tarantella’s software to provide major telecom customers, such as MCI WorldCom, with web access to its Telecommunications Management Information Platform (TeMIP),” said Jacques Conand, product manager for TeMIP, Compaq Corporation. “This new release of the Tarantella software eliminates the need for additional products to provide web access to Windows applications in the TeMIP environment, without modification to the Windows application.”

“Hewlett Packard is impressed with the business benefits offered by SCO’s new Tarantella product,” said Maria Cannon, general manager for HP’s Enterprise NetServer Division. “Tarantella Enterprise 3 software will allow our customers to leverage the power of their HP NetServer systems to publish applications throughout the enterprise at a lower cost.”

“Enterprise 3 is optimized for large-scale application deployment,” said independent consultant Richard Ross. “The architecture is an advantage because it provides a fully integrated, one-stop solution, which includes multi-platform integration. Any company not considering Tarantella Enterprise 3 is at a competitive disadvantage.”

The Tarantella product line includes Tarantella Enterprise 3 for large companies and organizations, Tarantella Enterprise 3 ASP Edition for Application Service Providers, and Tarantella Express web-enabling software for workgroup and departmental environments. Tarantella products provide access to Microsoft Windows system, mainframe, AS/400, Linux and UNIX applications, and are available for all popular RISC and Intel processor-based UNIX servers and selected Linux servers. Tarantella Enterprise 3 and Enterprise 3 ASP Editions are immediately available for a free 60-day trial offering.

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