Tarantella to Power FSDC

Tarantella Inc., and Financial Services Dot Com, (FSDC), a UK-based developer of Internet portals for the finance and legal markets, yesterday announced that Tarantella Enterprise 3 web-enabling software has been selected to deliver applications for FSDC’s ASP service.

FSDC will use Tarantella software to enable the FSDC portal to become a single information point, in order that legal and financial professionals can remotely and securely access key business applications.

Reasons for the new venture came after FSDC identified an unfilled gap in the market to offer certain applications over the Internet, such as legal cases, fund trackers and payroll calculators. FSDC has chosen applications based on their value to legal and financial professionals in the financial and to provides an alternative to existing methods of software availability such as on CD, diskette or hard copy format.

With delivery of these applications over the Web, FSDC will be selling to two sets of customers, the owners of software applications (ISVs), and end users. Through applications including The Aequos Database, Paycalc, PC Sec, and FundTracker being web-enabled by the Tarantella Enterprise 3 software, software owners will be able to increase their potential customer base.

After considering alternatives, FSDC selected Tarantella Enterprise 3 software because of its suitability to FSDC’s customers: “Tarantella software allows applications based on any platform; — mainframe, Microsoft Windows, Java, AS/400, Linux, or UNIX systems — to be delivered securely over the Internet,” explains Michael Brookes, CEO of FDSC.

“Users in finance and law companies are experiencing business benefits by accessing popular applications that are vital to their day-to-day jobs, from one central source and without having costly capital purchases and maintenance costs of both hardware and software,” Brookes concludes.

Charles Stewart, vice president of European sales for Tarantella, is delighted with FSDC’s endorsement. “Our software was designed to help ASPs work better. We’re very pleased that FSDC has been able to draw upon on the strengths of Tarantella software to identify and capitalize on this opportunity,” he says.

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