TeamOn Eases ASP Transition, provider of the leading web-based office platform for small businesses, today (Jan 4) announced the company has upgraded its service to provide small businesses with an easy transition to the online office tools provided by TeamOn. New features include expanded access to existing email accounts, including America Online, Hotmail and Yahoo! Mail from one centralized inbox.

“TeamOn works with the tools small businesses already have and makes them more powerful by offering sophisticated features not available with email alone,” said Shirish Nadkarni, founder and CEO of “TeamOn transforms email into a networked online office, integrating communication and collaboration tools with a cost-effective platform that compares to the network servers and expensive software of a large enterprise.”

As an ASP service, TeamOn offers small businesses advantages such as access anywhere, no installation, easy administration, instant upgrades and no up-front costs. has recognized, however, that busy companies may see the transition to new tools, an unfamiliar interface, or a new email identity as a roadblock to making the switch, according to Nadkarni.

TeamOn facilitates the transition by creating a central inbox to pull in email from multiple email providers, allowing users to read, write and respond to messages using the email identity of their choice, whether it’s an AOL address, a Hotmail address, an ISP address or a TeamOn-hosted address.

The latest service upgrades also include the ability to access a TeamOn account through Microsoft Outlook or Outlook Express. This option, available to TeamOn’s Professional Service customers, allows small businesses to continue to use a familiar interface to access TeamOn’s web-based email and any imported accounts.

“TeamOn’s goal is to offer the functionality to work with and enhance a company’s current solutions, as well as ongoing usability enhancements to offer users a hassle-free business platform,” said Nadkarni.

TeamOn’s new feature upgrades also include Virus Scan and Task Lists. Unique new usability enhancements include Set-up Wizards that easily import existing email, and Sample Teams, Forms and Reports to help companies get their online office up and running as quickly as possible.

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