Telenisus Debuts Web Application Testing

Managed hosting provider Telenisus Corp. this week introduced a Web application testing service that helps customers manage and actively secure information assets, integrating Sanctum Inc.’s AppScan application vulnerability assessment tool into its new Telenisus WebRecon service.

“Try as they might, ordinary hosting companies typically struggle just to keep up with physical and network security, let alone go beyond that to securing the application layer,” said Steve Hoffman, director of product management, Telenisus. “But at Telenisus, where information security is a passion, we are the first to combine a fully secure hosting infrastructure with the ability to detect application vulnerabilities.”

“Even with the most carefully architected infrastructure, your company’s digital assets aren’t necessarily safe unless the applications themselves are free of vulnerabilities. It is like leaving a window open despite having steel doors and alarms at your house. Telenisus WebRecon now shuts that window of vulnerability,” Hoffman said.

Telenisus WebRecon is offered through an agreement with Sanctum Inc., a Web application security and control software developer. Telenisus’ professional services security consultants will use Sanctum’s AppScan product to audit all customers’ application software, including custom and packaged applications, for security vulnerabilities. Assessing specific applications from a hacker’s perspective, Telenisus then will provide recommendations for fixing security vulnerabilities, including the latest patches available.

The first WebRecon is provided free of charge to every customer of WebStructure by Telenisus or Telenisus Managed Hosting Service. Subsequent WebRecon scans will be provided for a one-time charge for each.

“Sanctum’s AppScan is a perfect complement to Telenisus’ security assessment and vulnerability services,” said Diane Fraiman, Sanctum’s VP marketing. “It allows the most comprehensive analysis and recommendations on security risks to be generated in a fraction of time versus traditional manual patching. AppScan 2.0 will ultimately provide Telenisus’ customers protection specifically at the application level where many businesses are wide open to attack.”

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