Telenor Wins Norway’s Largest ASP Contract

Norwegian Telecom giant Telenor has announced the signing of a major agreement with the City of Trondheim, Norway, to outsource IT services for more than 3000 connection points, resulting in Norway’s most comprehensive ASP-contract ever.

“This agreement is a good example of how players in the public sector have gained a more conscious perspective on outsourcing of IT and communication services,” said Tarje Holskil director of Telenor Business Solutions. “By letting external providers manage the services, the municipality will make valuable resources available so that the administration and the employees can focus on solving their tasks in the citizens best interests. We see Trondheim as a pioneering municipality in this area.”

The agreement involves outsourcing of major parts of the municipality’s IT and communications services to Telenor Business Solutions through the ASP model. The agreement covers PCs, workstations, networks and applications, as well as telephony, and it will significantly improve services for the municipality and it’s employees.

“After long and extensive negotiations with several providers, we have chosen to co-operate with Telenor as this gives the City of Trondheim the best and most cost-effective IT-solution. We also believe this to be the right choice for the future,” said chief municipal executive, Knut Saether.

The agreement makes the City of Trondheim the largest ASP customer in Norway, and places it among the largest players in the European public sector to implement such solutions.

The agreement is based on a centralized service management model, a so-called “thin client” model, meaning that the software is mainly stored on the provider’s servers. This will provide the municipality with better and more stable services. The agreement is of a three year duration, with an optional extension of one year, and it replaces all existing agreements.

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