Telia & Exent Partner to Offer Software Online

International data and telecommunications company Telia and developer of Games-on-Demand (AoD) software for telecom and broadband service providers Exent Technologies yesterday announced a partnership to deliver Telia’s Games on Demand service.

This partnership allows Telia to take advantage of Exent’s technology and offer its customers secure delivery of any Windows based applications and games as part of its broadband on-demand Service. Users can access a broad range of software stored on a server in the network.

By incorporating Exent’s patent-pending EXEtender AoD technology, Telia will be able to offer its customers a flexible, efficient method to receive and use a variety of ASP services, such as business productivity software, entertainment programs, education and training applications, computer games and more. With Exent’s technology, software applications can be securely streamed to authorized end users. The technology features a click-and-play client that works with any conventional HTML web-browser such as Internet Explorer or Netscape Navigator. The user does not need to install or download the actual application to their PC.

The Telia Games on Demand service is a platform designed to deliver games, reference works and other applications to customers via its broadband network. Recently Telia announced a partnership with Microsoft to deliver Windows programs designed for the home entertainment and productivity market. Telia is using Exent’s EXEtender to deliver these Microsoft Windows applications.

“Customers are demanding access to more content over high-speed networks,” Zvi Levgoren, chief executive officer, Exent. Levgoren realizes that this agreement allows Telia to highlight the business potential offered by delivering applications over broadband networks.

Exent’s EXEtender solution has a built-in dual layer security system to ensure that all application software titles remain copy-protected. Exent’s technology optimizes performance, maximizing network throughout by compressing data into a broadband stream. Some business applications and productivity software require even less bandwidth, making the EXEtender ideal for enterprise network applications. Exent’s EXEtender is flexible and can be scaled to suit any number of users.

The technology utilizes caching and read-ahead for reliable delivery. The system currently runs on any Windows PC platform, and future versions will support additional operating environments. Exent also has a team of experienced engineers and integrators to facilitate deployment of their application-on-demand technology.

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