Test Drive Software Without Installing It

Testing out new software and demos from downloads can be burdensome if not a gut wrenching experience for some IT professionals. Getting the software is half the battle and if the program is riddled with bugs it can be just like pulling teeth getting it off the server.

Morgan Hill, Calif.-based GraphOn Corp. (Nasdaq: GOJO) and Genisar say they’ve got the cure. The two companies Wednesday signed a reselling agreement that gives companies an online platform to test-drive software without having to install it.

By licensing GraphOn technology, Pleasanton, Calif.-based Genisar will provide independent software vendors (ISVs) a platform to demonstrate software applications on demand over the Internet regardless of the operating system and without affecting software already installed on the ISV customer’s system.

“IT professionals need a sterile environment to evaluate software and find out exactly how it’s going to behave before committing resources to deploy it in a pilot or actually integrating it into their organization,” says Genisar Vice President of Marketing, Jeff Wasel. “GraphOn provides the single most robust and OS-independent solution for web enabling applications without rewrites, without risk, and without compromising the application, allowing our customers to feel like they’re in control of their product from demo to sale.”

By using GraphOn GO-Global software, Windows, UNIX, or Linux enterprise software can be run using a web browser over any connection. With easy online access to demonstrations, the application providers’ sales organizations can show real-time instances of new applications and utilities without installing software or restrictive hardware requirements.

“In addition to providing instant gratification to IT professionals shopping for sophisticated applications, the Genisar model is a great showcase for our own technology,” says GraphOn Vice President of Worldwide Sales, George Phillips. “We believe many of the same ISVs who market their products using Genisar’s remote access demo platform will want to use GraphOn technology to web-enable their own applications for the general enterprise marketplace.”

No word yet from either company when the service may be available or what it might cost.

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