The Firefox, IE Race to The Finish

Mozilla is a step closer to the final release of Firefox 2.0 today, with the
official release of Beta 2.

Firefox 2.0 Beta 2 includes a visual refresh of the browser’s default theme.

The latest version also improves upon tabbed browsing, which helps to better differentiate between active and non-active tabs.

It also addresses tab overflow, providing users with the ability to navigate to more tabs than their screen width allows.

Improvements have been made to search, with search term suggestions that appear as a user enters a query into the browser-integrated search box.

The ability to manage installed search engines is also in the release, enabling users to more easily add, remove and re-order search engines.

According to Mozilla’s release notes, a new installer for Windows is part of
the mix as well, fixing “many long-standing issues.”

The Beta 2 release, follow the Beta 1 release by
almost six weeks and comes somewhat later than had originally been planned.
The final release of Firefox 2.0 is expected later this year.

Firefox 2.0’s principal competitor, Microsoft Internet Explorer 7, is
now at Release Candidate 1 and is likely to hit its final release before
Firefox does.

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