Tivoli Unveils New Management Solution

IBM Corp. today announced the launch of a new Tivoli Web management product, Tivoli Web Component Manager, designed to offer companies easily-deployed performance management capabilities.

The new product is focused on Web-based resources such as Web servers, Web application servers, and Java-based middleware and applications and can be installed and deployed in a day.

“The IT community today is under pressure to produce fast results as never before. They are demanding solutions that install quickly and easily allowing operations managers to realize management benefits quickly,” says Richard L. Ptak, Senior Vice President, Hurwitz Group, Inc.

Tivoli Web Component Manager, a member of the Tivoli Distributed Monitoring family of products supports the entire portfolio of Tivoli solutions for Web management. These products are designed to allow customers to securely manage their Web infrastructure.

IBM says that network administrators can carry out root-cause analysis to identify and correct problems using Tivoli Web Component Manager’s proactive monitoring of diagnostic information. The new product can also be used with Tivoli Web Services Manager and Tivoli Web Services Analyzer, products announced earlier this year, to also provide information at the transaction level and in-depth analysis of Web server statistics.

Tivoli Web Component Manager can also be integrated with Tivoli Enterprise Console and Tivoli Business Systems Manager to offer end-to-end monitoring, providing information from key e-infrastructure components.

“Today’s organizations are looking to more intelligently manage their e-businesses and better align their IT strategy with business processes so that they work hand in hand, resulting in rapid time-to-value for future IT investments” says Robert LeBlanc, general manager, Tivoli software, IBM Software Group. He argues that Tivoli Web Component Manager can allow companies to maximize the return on their e-business infrastructure investment.

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