Totality Takes AIM at Europe

Totality Corp., a leading provider of Application and Infrastructure Management (AIM) services for e-businesses, Tuesday (Jan 16) announced the opening of its European headquarters in London.

Totality is also building a site operations facility in the United Kingdom that will enable the company to remotely operate customer sites hosted in data centers throughout Europe. Currently, Totality’s site operations centers are based in California and New York.

“As European companies are starting to realize they can get a single point of contact and accountability for the operation and management of their site, all from one single vendor, they are creating demand for companies like Totality in Europe,” said John Tilley, general manager of European Operations for Totality. “However, competing in that market requires a good understanding of the European traditional outsourcing market, a strong capacity to educate the market on what’s available today and the infrastructure to implement solutions for customers. Totality is uniquely positioned to deliver on all three of these requirements.”

With this announcement, European companies with new e-business initiatives and existing sites experiencing operational challenges can look to Totality for a complete outsourced solution for implementation, optimization and on-going operations of their business-critical Internet sites.

Acting as a single point of accountability, Totality enables customers to deliver exceptional quality of service to its end users while increasing both technical and business control over its site. Totality also guarantees exceptional service levels, with warranties that extend beyond traditional service level agreements to cover loss of revenue. Totality’s approach is unique in that it combines standardization, customization and automation to provide predictable quality of service and quick time-to-market while meeting the specific requirements of European customers.

In regard to the nature of Totality’s market, several important differences exist between Europe and the United States, including the landscape of the outsourcing market, the market strategies of data centers and the prevalence of traditional brick and mortar companies in the Internet market. Recognizing these key differences, Totality’s approach is to combine its U.S. vision with the pragmatic experience of the European outsourcing market brought by Tilley.

Prior to joining Totality, Tilley was managing director at Sema Group UK, one of the world’s leading international IT and business service providers, responsible for outsourcing, consulting and systems integration.

In addition to its London office, Totality will open sales offices across Europe in 2001 and will offer service in countries such as Germany, France and Sweden. Totality is also developing strategic partnerships with European data centers and system integrators as well as securing relationships with hardware and software providers specific to the European market.

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