Tunes a New Part of Google Search

Search goliath Google added a music search feature on Thursday.

Google Music Search follows the model of Google Print: When a search query could be music-related, a special result appears at the top of the search results list. Users can click on “more music results” to make their searches music-centric.

Results may include artists, albums, song titles, links to music reviews, lyrics and places to purchase music. When available, additional information on the music results page might include links to news, photos, cover art, discussion forums and other relevant Web sites.

To buy, searchers can choose from several online music outlets, including Apple iTunes, Real Rhapsody, and CD Universe.

In the Google blog, the company said the move was the result of traffic analysis that showed a huge number of users conducted music-related searches. The company didn’t respond to requests for comment.

In the blog post, product manager Dave Alpert wrote that the search feature mostly works for American pop artists, but it will be expanded to include classical music, international artists and lesser-known performers.

Music sellers and distributors were invited to contact Google to be listed as retail resources.

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