Two Small Steps Back, One Big Step Forward

Chicago-based has a great business model–it helps small businesses grow by simplifying the execution of more than 30 critical business functions online.

But last May, during this year’s outbreak of the dotcom flu, it postponed its IPO. In July it reorganized and made staff reductions. Call them momentary setbacks.

It recently stepped forward in a big way with a deal that will make it featured on AOL’s Netscape Netbusiness, an innovative service to deliver valuable new benefits to the fast-growing small business community.

Under this relationship, Netscape Netbusiness users will have access to 12 DigitalWork services that will rotate within the “My Business” area of the site.

Netscape Netbusiness visitors will have access to the majority of services falling under the Marketing, Public Relations, Direct Mail, and Market Research workshops through a cobranded web site.

With these workshops, business people can create and send news releases, launch direct email and banner ad campaigns.

“AOL’s Netscape Netbusiness is a truly thoughtful approach to providing the kinds of services, information, and tools that will keep visitors coming back,” said Rob Schultz, chairman and CEO of

DigitalWork offers its business servives on 55 business portals, including AT&T, Citibank, IBM, Mail Boxes Etc. and

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