US West Unveils Discounted DSL Plan

US West Wednesday unveiled a new Digital Subscriber Line package that puts the high-speed Internet service on the same price level as conventional dial-up accounts.

MegaBit Select, a watershed “DSL-on-demand” targeting the casual Internet user, is available in almost 40 cities in 12 states. The service is typically up to 10 times faster than the basic modem.

US West (USW) is
the first to offer “on-demand” DSL technology on a wide scale.

“MegaBit Select will dramatically accelerate the use of high-speed Internet
services by mass market consumers,” said Joe Zell, president of US West
!NTERPRISE Networking.

“DSL-on-demand is perfect for the majority of home Internet users — people who
are on the Internet a couple hours a day, and who don’t require the ‘always-on’
connection that standard MegaBit Services provides.”

Benefits of the MegaBit Select service include:

  • High-speed Internet connections and the ability to make and receive phone calls while online.
  • Subscribers get full-access speeds of 256 Kbps when they go online.
  • Customers can choose from more than 200 Internet providers through U S West’s territory.

Currently, US West has almost 70,000 DSL clients, giving them nearly 40 percent of the nation’s DSL customers.

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