USi Debuts USiIntegrate

USinternetworking Inc. (Nasdaq: USIX) this week unveiled USiIntegrate, an application integration solution providing integration of best-of-breed applications offered by USi with legacy applications and third-party packages, as well as non-USi hosted applications.

USiIntegrate is based on Enterprise Application Integration (EAI) technologies, and combines reusable integration components with customized functionality. Unlike purely pre-configured integration packages, USiIntegrate offers clients rapid deployment of integrated applications specifically designed for their needs at a predictable, lower cost.

“With USiIntegrate, we’re raising the bar once again in the ASP industry by improving the functionality and ease of implementation of integrated, connected enterprise applications,” said Chuck Teubner, chief operating officer, USi. “We’ve turned business process integration into a specialized, routine, scalable ASP service, reaping all the benefits of predictable costs, the latest technology, and our world-class infrastructure.”

Built using USi’s extensive experience in implementing, integrating and managing enterprise applications, USiIntegrate creates the capacity to quickly integrate an application with any other application, making the overall enterprise solution more effective. USiIntegrate enables the integration of solutions across application architectures that are scalable, supportable and deliverable within a hosted environment.

Providing the core component of the integration solution is webMethods Enterprise, which enables seamless integration of business processes and applications across the enterprise in real time. In addition to webMethods Enterprise, USiIntegrate is powered by USi-developed technology.

“USiIntegrate offers an approach to application integration that will save clients frustration, time and money, allowing them to be more productive, in a shorter period of time,” said Dan Prengaman, VP worldwide channels, webMethods Inc. “By leveraging our webMethods Enterprise technology, USi can now deliver a more diversified range of integrated solutions to its clients in a timely fashion, while ensuring scalability and flexibility.”

As with all of USi’s managed application offerings, the company takes total responsibility for managing the end-to-end solution, backed by the company’s industry-leading service level agreements (SLAs). USi clients benefit from the company’s comprehensive network infrastructure and monitoring, failover services and global data centers.

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