Veracicom Deploys Tarantella, Dumps Citrix

Veracicom, a New York-based ASP that offers small and medium-size enterprises access to off-the-shelf applications, will announce tomorrow that it plans to switch from Citrix’ Independent Computing Architecture (ICA) and MetaFrame technology to Internet infrastructure software from Tarantella Inc. .

Veracicom’s president and founder Mike Hjorleifsson cited three reasons for the switch:

  • Technology. Tarantella has continued to innovate in the server-based computing space and has also addressed the Linux market. He also said Tarantella provides many of Citrix’ add-on features as part of its base product.

  • Citrix’s lack of focus. Citrix has reduced its focus on innovating its MetaFrame product in favor of pursuing a suite
    of products that has yet to be tested in the market and doesn’t, according to Hjorleifsson, necessarily address the
    same audience of clients they have previously had success with making adoption questionable.

  • Tarantella’s commitment to ASPs Citrix has no ASP licensing, marketing or other programs any longer, Hjorleifsson said. “I have solid commitments, and a solid program with Tarantella; they understand the ASP market and its place in the IT schema.”

According to Veracicom, every facet of its business will be affected by the change, including its professional services unit, which will be working with Tarantella on large corporate and enterprise accounts. Veracicom has engaged Tarantella technology partner Netilla for managed on-site solutions technology.

Veracicom said the decision to change technology partners is based on features inherent in the Tarantella Enterprise 3 solution. “Tarantella provides a reliable, secure and low-cost solution for Web-enabling any application giving users more flexibility to access their critical information. What Citrix asks you to ‘bolt’ on to their MetaFrame product in the form of their secure gateway services is already built in to the Tarantella solution,” Magnus Hjorleifsson, vice president of technical services for Veracicom said.

Veracicom will also joined the Tarantella Technology Alliance Group (TAG) program, which is deigned to bring together product vendors in both technology and marketing partnerships.

“We’re delighted to be part of the Veracicom solution. We’ve long had an ASP solution that has seen much success with companies like Netilla and Marix. Tarantella Enterprise 3 software provides ASPs with a non-intrusive solution that enables them to deploy their products and services seamlessly and immediately,” said Guy Churchward, director of Strategic Alliances for Tarantella Inc.

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