Verio Announces Managed VPN Service

Looking to provide what it describes as a “single service provider solution for IP and security services,”
Verio, an Englewood, Colo.-based Web hosting provider, today announced NTT/Verio SafeGuard

A managed outsourced customer premise equipment (CPE)-based Virtual Private Network (VPN), the
service is designed to leverage the NTT/Verio Global IP Network while
reducing total cost of ownership. VPN devices are owned and managed by Verio, removing the need for the enterprise to
acquire capital equipment upfront.

Susan May, director of Security Product Management, told ASPnews that the service is aimed mid-size enterprises with between 500 and 10,000 employees and is ideally suited for companies with multiple branches.

NTT/Verio SafeGuard VPN.CPE is designed to protect organizations’ corporate data through security devices located on customer premises, implementing industry standard IPSec tunneling
and encryption to ensure high levels of data security and privacy. However, Verio
handles management functions remotely.

May said the service is aimed at a “do-it-yourself” target audience that may not have those capabilities. Vertical markets such as healthcare, insurance, financial services — industries with multiple locations — are also target customers.

Today’s announcement follows last year’s introduction of Verio’s Global IP
Security Gateway service, a managed, network-based VPN service. This will now fall under the SafeGuard brand family of managed VPN
services. Verio reports that SafeGuard VPN services and IntelliSecurity
Managed Security Services provide multiple layers of
security protection for customers’ networks using firewalls, VPNs and intrusion
detection systems – all from a single security services provider.

“There are no single device silver bullets for protecting networks today. A variety of security layers are needed,” said May.

May said that SafeGuard VPN.CPE uses a managed Cisco IP VPN security device
that acts as an IP router, VPN gateway, and Content-Based Access Control
(CBAC) firewall, supporting dedicated access speeds from T1 to OC3. The
service may also be installed using non-NTT/Verio IP services, Verio reports.

Principal benefits of the SafeGuard VPN.CPE service include the following, according to Verio:

  • Best-of-breed platform: Uses a single Cisco device to
    provide routing functionality for Internet access and VPN functionality for
    secure communications.

  • Reduced total cost of ownership: End-to-end solution with all equipment managed and maintained by Verio.
    Managed services include CPE hardware acquisition, 24×7 CPE management and
    CPE field replacement.

  • VPN-specific service level agreements (SLA) for no additional cost. May said SLAs take a pragmatic “what happens if…” approach. Included as standard SLAs components are VPN CPE outage
    notification, hardware replacement and time-to-repair guarantees as well as
    standard network guarantees.

  • Remote communications: SafeGuard VPN.CPE enables business to communicate
    with employees and partners, customers and suppliers within a secure,
    flexible environment.

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