Volera Comes To The Web Services Table

Novell, Inc. subsidiary Volera Inc. Monday entered the Web Services fray with a pledge: “to deliver software solutions that accelerate, manage and secure the delivery of Web services.”

Building on an earlier promise to deliver e-Business networking solutions, Volera said it will tweak its Velocity content distribution network (CDN) platform just enough to make it a player in the Web Services field – one that includes tech heavyweights such as Microsoft , IBM and Sun Microsystems .

Volera’s core technology is the Excelerator platform, a caching technology. The company’s Velocity CDN solution comprises all of the tools, technologies and expertise customers need to build their own CDN to grab control over the delivery and management of rich and streaming content, secure data and countless Web-based applications.

The content networking provider said it will make good on its claims by speeding delivery by moving Web Services closer to the end user, cache commonly shared components at the edge to relieve central processing burden on main servers, and prioritize SOAP messages.

The company said its solutions will help scale a network, save bandwidth, and prioritize critical Web services over other network traffic.

“Volera has the CDN platform primed for speeding the deployment of Web services. As Web services become a business reality, Volera will accelerate, manage and secure the delivery of these applications to employees, suppliers and business partners,” said Volera president Simon Khalaf. “With our expertise in streamlining the delivery of Web content and applications today, Volera will reduce the complexity and cost of deploying
Web Services.”

The San Jose, Calif.-based company expects the rollout of its solutions to be delivered in phases starting Fall 2002. The modules will be centrally managed through Volera Velocity CDN and available from Volera and its authorized partners and resellers.

“Web services networking and delivery is a natural extension of the today’s Volera Velocity CDN platform,” said Khalaf. “The same platform that delivers, manages and secures Web content and application delivery today will scale to perform these central functions for Web Services delivery. Building on industry standards that ensure interoperability, Velocity CDN will help deliver the promise of Web services and accelerate its adoption.”

The solutions will of course be pitched to Volera’s current customer lineup including American Airlines, AT&T, CNN, Southwest Airlines and Target.

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