Vordel Offers Early Look at Web Services Security

Vordel, a company that specializes in Web services security, today launched the Early Access program for the upcoming release of its XML security product, VordelSecure 1.1. The Dublin, Ireland-based company develops products designed to provide security, auditability, integration and performance for business transactions over the Internet.

The goal of the VordelSecure Early Access Program is to allow companies to demonstrate and justify the use of Web services to themselves and their partners by addressing the security challenges presented by a Web service deployment. VordelSecure 1.1 provides open-standards authentication, accountability and authorization. The program is applicable to trial Web services deployments and includes complimentary support from Vordel.

“Many organizations are planning to deploy Web services in order to take advantage of the efficiencies enabled by XML-based integration,” said Mark O’Neill, Vordel chief technology officer. “For partner integration projects, clients understand that the introduction of Web services presents a security challenge. VordelSecure provides both access control (security based on identity validation) and content-filtering (security based on data validation).”

“Vordel supports these new XML security specifications in VordelSecure, including SOAP, SAML and WS-Security as well as more established security technologies such as digital certificates and SSL,” said O’Neill.

This ensures that users of XML Web service are not limited to one security technology, while also ensuring that security is not compromised, the company said.

“Web services technology providers, in conjunction with security provided by Vordel, have significant advantages over leased lines or VPNs, in terms of ease of deployment and cost.” said Derek O’Carroll, Vordel’s CEO.

O’Carroll said the company’s Early Access Program will help to ensure that security not be left to last-minute decisions.

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