Web-Based Apps Top Developers To-Do Lists

What are software developoers thinking about these days? According to the Evans Data North American Developer Survey,
software developers say the Internet/Web is the number one applications target, edging out client-server and desktop application development.

The study, which is based on interviews with more than 800 U.S. and Canadian software developers, aims to provide detailed tracking and forecasting of developer activities, attitudes, opinions and understandings.

Internet/Web development occupies the time of more than 90 percent of developers. A third of those developers devote more than 50 percent of their time ito the Web. Internet/Web edged out client-server and desktop categories when developers were asked to describe the type of software they write, according to Evans Data Corp.

The study, which was fielded in September, listed the following Internet-related trends:

  • Looking ahead 12 to 24 months, developers cited “Cross-device publishing” as one of the most significant trends and greatest problems in Web development.

  • Web Services is regarded as the “most significant trend” in Web development; more than 37 percent of those interviewed are currently developing Web Services-enabled applications. More than 63 percent say they plan to write code for Web Services in the next year.

  • The biggest problem respondents expect to have in the next 12 to 24 months is having less time to develop and maintain sites, followed by content management and creating better and richer user interfaces.

    “By investing so many resources in developing Web services applications, developers are signaling their confidence that the cross-device accessibility, application interoperability, personalization, and pay-as-you-go model will revolutionize personal and enterprise computing, make markets more efficient, and maybe even redefine the high-tech economy,” said Jay Dixit, Evans Data analyst.

    According to Evans Data Corp., The North American Developer Survey provides information on platforms and operating system migrations, Web services, OSS and Linux, language usage, Internet development, network directory services, architectures, technology adoption and development tools.

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