WebEx Launches Remote Help Desk Support Service

Web communications services provider WebEx Communications on Wednesday launched WebEx SMARTtech, a tool for customer support organizations and help desk professionals providing secure Internet-based access to unattended remote systems.

The new communications service allows support professionals to use the WebEx MediaTone network to install upgrades, troubleshoot problems and engage in proactive maintenance. It aims to help companies cut the cost and time associated with delivering technical support by reducing the need for onsite visits. In addition, it can enable organizations to generate additional revenues by introducing premium services for proactive monitoring and maintenance.

“WebEx SMARTtech allows support professionals to easily and securely keep remote customer or employee systems up-to-date,” said Stanford Au vice president of communications services at WebEx. “SMARTtechs enhanced performance, security and firewall compatibility make it a perfect choice for support departments, franchise organizations with multiple locations, enterprise system administrators and help desks.”

WebEx SMARTtech’s Remote Desktop and Application Control capabilities allow viewing and control of the entire desktop or applications from anywhere with just a Web browser. Multiple levels of authentication and encryption ensure that only authorized personnel have access to remote systems.

SMARTtech is compatible with standard corporate firewalls and does not require any special firewall configurations.
Data can be copied and pasted between the local and remote systems, and files can be easily transferred. A Reboot and Auto-Login feature allows the support professional to maintain the connection to the remote machine even after it is rebooted.

“Companies are quickly realizing that traditional telephone, software and email-based systems are simply not enough to satisfy demanding customers cost-effectively,” said Ron Muns, CEO and Founder, Help Desk Institute. “To maintain an increasing level of productivity, organizations are looking to Internet-based remote support services, such as WebEx SMARTtech.”

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