WebSideStory Unveils ASP Suite

WebSideStory Inc., the leading provider of Internet intelligence services for e-business, today (Oct 17) launched the first integrated suite of hosted application services designed to help companies worldwide optimize their e-business strategies and initiatives in a number of key areas, including commerce, analytics, website performance and traffic measurement.

“WebSideStory has created the first hosted technology platform for Internet intelligence,'” said Blaise Barrelet, founder and chief Internet architect at WebSideStory. “For the first time, companies can rely on one easy outsourced solution for determining, in real-time, the health and effectiveness of their e-business in several critical areas. This platform evolved from the pioneering ASP technology our company first developed in 1996 for real-time web audience analysis.”

All of the applications work in conjunction with one another, and have the same intuitive look and feel as WebSideStory’s HitBox. They are built on WebSideStory’s real-time website audience analysis technology and include a new technology that tracks specific website events such as sales transactions, banner clicks or site searches.

The new suite is designed to meet key intelligence needs across an organization, from marketing and e-commerce to site operations and design. WebSideStory plans to add new applications to the suite in coming months.

Unlike software, WebSideStory’s real-time technology provides businesses with an easy, outsourced service for obtaining vital e-business intelligence on demand. There are no hardware expenses and no drain on valuable IT resources. The services can be usually implemented within a matter of hours. The resulting Internet intelligence can be accessed easily via the web from any browser.

The new suite includes7HitBox Enterprise v6, which is capable of monitoring billions of page views per month. WebSideStory’s premier real-time web audience analysis service is the backbone for the entire suite of applications. It provides detailed information on online visitor and customer behavior.

HitBox Wireless is a visitor analysis service for wireless websites, announced in April 2000. It has since been integrated into HitBox Enterprise v6. HitBox Commerce, based on WebSideStory’s new event technology, delivers real-time information about customers, products, revenues, orders and shipping. HitBox Commerce is designed to work in conjunction with other event technology applications to provide increasing layers of customer intelligence.

Simulating actual browsers, HitBox Performance provides detailed, real-time information on site availability, response time, resource usage and many other performance parameters as compared to actual site traffic data. HitBox Analytics gives customers a whole new way to analyze their HitBox Enterprise traffic statistics, providing them with intelligence to acquire and keep visitors, promote their business and attract advertisers. HitBox DataWise provides users with a powerful interface for linking multiple information sources, including any HitBox data, and generating professional customized reports.

The entire suite of integrated intelligence services is designed to give e-businesses one easy technology solution to drive e-commerce revenue; track customer interest in products and services; improve customer service and technical support; improve site performance, design and navigation; increase site stickiness and visitor loyalty; monitor overall site growth; track wireless activity and more.

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