WinResources Announces Launch of ASP-Enablement Initiative

Developer of distributed multiuser business applications WinResources Computing Inc. Tuesday announced the launch of Aspera, a new “practice” designed to bring client ISVs and other business partners quickly to market as ASPs.

The Aspera group will provide end-to-end support including a range of business consulting and software development services. “Aspera is based on an emphasis on people, process, and tools that has always characterized WinResources’ approach to application development” stated Eric Matson, vice president of Professional Services.

In effect, Matson told ASP News, development efforts are matched to the company, the market, and the space. For example, revenue model analysis – how a move to the ASP space will effect a customer’s existing as well as future business – is a typical part of the working relationship.

Over its ten year history, WinResources has evolved a development toolset, based on Microsoft technologies, that includes WinSF (‘solutions framework,’ a project management methodology) and WinRTM (‘rapid transit system,’ a reuseable component base). The company is now using Windows 2000 as its principle back-end platform.

Mike Barnes, director of Development Services, said, “We have continued to invest in building the best tools and processes to deliver ASP solutions to our clients. As we launch Aspera, we will also begin the rollout of the XML/SOAP-based version of WinRTS. This toolset was designed to deliver applications that are scalable from workgroups to the enterprise and beyond, and that conform to the next generation of Internet standards.”

Tom Reinhart, vice president of Business Development, stressed the importance of the partner relationship in building ASP solutions: “Our Aspera business model calls for long term, very closely coupled relationships with our clients,” said Reinhart. Professional Services VP Matson pointed out that “Aspera crafts customer agreements so that both developer and partner share both risks and rewards arising from the collaboration.”

The Aspera launch also involves a marketing initiative that will target over 2,000 specialized ISVs. “We are going to get our message out to leaders in the financial services and education vertical markets. I believe that right now there is a great opportunity for WinResources to be the leader among full-service ASP enablers, ” said Susan Andrews, WinResources’ manager of Marketing.

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