WinStar Launches Global Roaming Service

WinStar Communications Inc.
Wednesday launched a global Internet roaming service that provides its
dial-up customers with worldwide access to the Internet via local
connections in more than 140 countries.

The new service enables Internet and corporate intranet access for WinStar
customers from more than 4,000 local POPs worldwide.

Global network provider GRIC Communications,
enables WinStar’s dial-up customers to access to a combined global
network of WinStar and GRIC Alliance Network POPs. Customers outside their
normal area select the nearest access number, gaining access without
incurring long distance charges.

“This new roaming service provides our business customers with quick, easy
and cost-effective access to the Internet,” said William J. Rouhana, Jr.,
chairman and chief executive officer of WinStar.

“GRIC’s relationship with WinStar represents a major association with a
competitive local exchange carrier and Internet service provider,” said
Hong Chen, GRIC’s chairman and chief executive officer.

“WinStar represents a new generation of communications service providers
that have emerged since the Telecommunications Act of 1996 allowed them to
offer a full range of local, long
distance, data and Internet services.”

WinStar Communications, Inc. provides broadband communications services
over its own end-to-end broadband network and high-speed data, Internet
access and information services.

GRIC Communications, Inc. provides IP-based services for carriers and ISPs.

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