WorldChain Recognizes Importance of Enabling Manufacturers to Manage Entire Operation

Internet-powered global solutions deliverer WorldChain, Inc. today introduced its solution for the collaborative value chain operations market.

According to the company, WorldChain, Inc. provides manufacturing companies with a smart, Internet-powered application suite for streamlining and managing supply chain operations. This is possible by enabling real-time global visibility, verification and control of inventory through the extended enterprises.

While the term value chain often leads to confusion for some, president and chief executive officer Larry Miller explained to ASP-news what the term means to WorldChain.

“We mean an end-to-end collaboration production with a goal of creating customer value, going beyond the supply chain into what we call the value chain,” he said.

So while the market may be filling with offerings from supply chain and value chain, Miller believes there are many elements involved that make WorldChain unique.

“A key point of value that WorldChain provides is the planning engine and the validation of data as it is collected throughout the supply chain,” he said.

Intending to create its own niche, WorldChain focuses on three factors that separate them for the competition.

“We provide complete transaction capability,” Miller said. “We also provide complete infrastructure for communication to any of your partners and offer 100 percent partner coverage. The ability to collect the information across all of your partners is extremely important.”

When asked about competitors, Miller mentioned i2, stating that they are clearly on the collaborative planning side, and clearly a leader in that market. Also, Miller referenced Systems Integrations.

“Systems Integrations is trying to build this kind of solution for their customer, but they don’t run and manage it,” Miller said. “We partner in terms of the system integrations, but we hang around to run and manage the operation.”

So is WorldChain trying to be all things to all people.

Clearly not, according to Miller. “We are a supply chain operations piece, not a planning engine or an e-commerce site. We are an equipment manufacturer companies provider with extended supply chain and manufacturing capability.”

Realizing the company must bring together enough infrastructure resources to live up to its name, Miller revealed the company’s intent to open five data centers this year.

The San Francisco operation is up and running. Houston will be up and running within 45 to 60 days, according to Miller. Next stop will be London and then Singapore or Malaysia. The fifth data center’s location hasn’t been determined, but will depend on market demand.

Miller also told ASP-News that the company brought on Derek Archer as vice president of global operation. “He has extensive experience in the building and operation of large scale global operations,” Miller said.

In related company news, WorldChain, Inc. was selected by Network Appliances, Inc.
to help enhance its global customers support operations.

According to Network Appliance, the company required a solution that provides real-time visibility for its customers to its outsourced partners’ data and processes.

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