X-Collaboration Offers Service for Document Centered Clients

Working to break the barrier between advanced applications and fast communication, B2B hosted services provider X-Collaboration Software Corporation continues to experience success with its flagship service X-Community.

Over 400 clients have signed up for membership toX-Collaboration’s X-Community and the company expects to build upon that very quickly.

X-Collaboration provides a hosted service that enables B2B professionals to create secure and productive working communities on the Web. X-Community increases efficiency and profitability by improving workflow, project, document and knowledge management within and across company boundaries.

Chief executive officer Doug Levine described X-Community to ASP News as a service for document-centered clients, specifically the legal profession and management consultant agencies and their clients. Members include Boston-based law firm Chappell White LLP and Manhattan Beach Calif.-based management consultant The Maxwell Group.

“Our first users since the announcement have been small and medium size companies, but the service is scalable to large companies,” he said. “We can work with one to 1,000 up to 10,000 users.”

X-Collaboration was founded in December 1997 as a B2B ASP, but as Levine explained, “The word ASP wasn’t around then. But we are thrilled to see that the term ASP has come to life. There is a great deal of noise in the industry and we are trying to simply deliver as promised.”

Unlike the majority of ASPs, there is no start-up fee involved with X-Community. An individual membership is free and a 10 user team will pay a monthly fee of $100, or basically $10 a user regardless of the number of participants.

Levine said that many of the capabilities of X-Community compete with Lotus Notes and e-Room. These capabilities include: knowledge management, product management, resource management and documentation management.

“We know the ASP market and have worked hard to evolve our technology in terms of optimizing usage on the Web,” said Levine. “But we have also evolved the pricing model to suit not only our clients but their client base as well.”

The company hopes to also work with its members’ clients. “As firms sign up, we’d like to see their clients sign up also,” said Levine. “We offer an inexpensive solution that improves communication between our members and their clients.” One example of this is the ability for a member and its client to simultaneously view and edit documents or files created by the member.

In other news, the company received $7 million in venture capital financing this month. According to the company, this money will be used to expand marketing, product development, operations and sales of X-Community. Investors included JGE Capital Management Group and Silicon Valley Bank.

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