Xdrive Launches Enterprise Offering

Online storage provider Xdrive today (Nov 21) introduced Xdrive Enterprise.

Xdrive Enterprise is a set of business solutions to increase internal business productivity, enhance external business communications and collaboration and improve customer communications through information sharing.

Xdrive Enterprise allows strategic partners to share information using advanced collaboration features, folder mapping and a full suite of administrative tools, including customizable parameters such as full permissions — read, write or edit — for IT administrators.

To enhance customer communications, a unique “one-to-many” marketing tool allows companies to share information with employees or customers through a secure, non-intrusive “digital inbox,” avoiding email backup, printing and mailing costs.

“Xdrive Enterprise offers companies a competitive advantage by providing a complete environment for securely accessing, collaborating and communicating business-critical information,” said Paul Gigg, president and CEO of Xdrive. “We’re offering businesses an easier way to simplify and use data to strengthen existing relationships and develop new ones with customers, employees and business partners.”

The foundation technology of Xdrive Enterprise is the Xdrive Internet Data Platform (XIDP), a highly scalable technology platform that facilitates access, management and sharing of stored digital information built upon a patent-pending eXtensible File System (XFS).

Xdrive Enterprise guarantees accessibility and zero data loss. An Administration Tool Kit offers administrators add/delete functions, policy management, reporting, and workgroup management. Information can be accessed via a browser, wireless Palm devices and WAP-enabled mobile phones. A desktop application allows for file manipulation through Windows Explorer.

Xdrive’s entry into the enterprise space follows the lead of one of its chief rivals, Driveway, which unveiled its Private Label Storage offering in September.

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