Xevo Focuses On Security

Xevo Corp. Thursday (April 12) announced plans to support interoperability between its ASP Workbench platform and RSA Security’s (NASDAQ:RSAS) SecurID authentication technology.

The Marlborough, Mass.-based infrastructure ISV joined RSA’s Secured Partner Program, and Xevo’s ASP Workbench has been awarded “RSA Secured RSA SecurID Ready” certification, signaling its compatibility with RSA Security’s authentication technology.

The RSA Secured certification lets organizations know that ASP Workbench is optimized to enable a service provider to incorporate RSA Security’s RSA ACE/Server into a hosted environment and automate the provisioning process so that the security service occurs automatically when an order is received.

Xevo’s ASP Workbench platform helps ASPs and other xSPs, including AIPs and telecommunications carriers, to accelerate revenue streams, lower costs and reduce staffing requirements by providing flexible service packaging and pricing, monitoring usage and automating application provisioning for user activation. Xevo’s ASP Workbench is optimized to work with RSA SecurID authentication technology enabling ASPs and AIPs to provide end-users with a rapid, reliable and cost-effective way to incorporate security into their hosted application environment.

“Security is an essential part of any service providers’ business plan and a requirement for overall ASP market adoption,” said Mark Hynes, co-founder and vice president of business development and sales, Xevo Corp. “The demand for ASP-focused security solutions is growing. Xevo is addressing that demand through our partnership with RSA Security.”

“To deliver trusted and secure services to customers, ASPs need to quickly and reliably manage users, monitor technology usage and develop secure service packages,” said Bob Pritchard, vice president of corporate and partner development at RSA Security. “RSA Security is focused on becoming the leading security vendor for the ASP industry and we look forward to working with Xevo to develop a smooth migration path for ASPs to incorporate our proven two-factor authentication solutions into their business models.”

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