XevoWorks Turns xSPs into ASPs

Application Infrastructure Provider (AIP) Xevo Corp. this week released XevoWorks 2.0, formerly called ASP Workbench, an automatic application provisioning, metering and packaging solution designed to help xSPs become ASPs.

“XevoWorks was developed and designed to enable an application hosting endeavor,” Bruce Hall, Xevo’s senior director of product management, told InternetNews. “We’re providing the essential infrastructure requirements.”

XevoWorks includes tools for all facets of application hosting, from service packaging and provisioning to user management and metering. New features in XevoWorks 2.0 include enhancements to Subscriber Management, Smart Metering and Reporting, and Smart Provisioning.

Subscriber Management enhancements include delegated administrator and bulk user import capabilities. The delegated administrator is a browser-based Web capability which enables the xSP’s customers to manage changes to users and services, reducing the xSP’s workload and increasing control over administrative changes.

Smart Metering and Reporting enhancements include a reporting API and Web application support. The reporting API facilitates integration of metering data with third-party reporting and billing products. With XevoWorks 2.0’s Web application support, service providers can expand their portfolio to include Internet-based business applications. This feature provides a reliable process for metering the use of Web applications to allow for the implementation of flexible billing and reporting schemes.

Smart Provisioning enhancements, driven by the XevoLogic data model and business logic, not only enable the xSP to automatically host and deploy multiple applications in seconds, but make the provisioning process quicker and more robust. This allows xSPs to provision tens of thousands of users with fewer errors and no system performance degradation.

In addition, the process of adding new applications can now be accomplished simply by assembling pre-built components versus using a more time-intensive code development process. These new features position XevoWorks 2.0 to support many more users without adding more staff.

Xevo’s customers consist of many kinds of service providers, but primarily are telcos and vertical market SPs, Hall said. “Telcos have a robust and mature network and want to add value by adding applications. In the vertical space, we’re able to allow SPs to offer for rent very specialized applications a company wouldn’t otherwise buy.”

Customer Care Communications Inc., (C3), a facility-based integrated Managed Service Provider (MSP), is one of the first production-environment customers using XevoWorks 2.0. According to Joseph-Malik Bradley, C3’s CEO, chairman and co-founder, Xevo’s solution is critical to the company’s success.

“We needed to rapidly integrate software as services into our product portfolio and get to market quickly with those solutions. XevoWorks 2.0, with its automatic provisioning, metering and application packaging functionality, was a natural fit with our application hosting strategy,” Bradley said.

Headquartered in Marlborough, Mass., Xevo is a private, venture-funded company with offices in Europe. Its investors include Cisco Systems, KPMG Consulting and Portal Software in addition to top venture capital firms.

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