Yahoo! Books NetLedger

NetLedger, Inc., Monday announced it has reached an agreement with Yahoo! Inc. to integrate NetLedger’s online business services into Yahoo! Store, the portal’s online marketplace.

Used by more than 11,300 merchants, Yahoo! Store enables businesses to create, publish and manage secure online stores to market and sell goods and services. Through this integration, retailers can have orders placed through their Yahoo! Store automatically transferred to their NetLedger account, simplifying the accounting process and allowing Yahoo! Store merchants to keep their inventory and sales data accurate more easily. The NetLedger accounting services on Yahoo! Store are accessible via any web browser in a customized, co-branded interface

“The relationship presents the opportunity for NetLedger to add thousands of committed new users,” said Evan Goldberg, president and chief executive officer of NetLedger, Inc. “Even more important to us, however, is working closely with the Yahoo! team to realize NetLedger’ vision — to enable businesses to run more effectively by leveraging the power of the Internet. We are leveling the playing field to give small businesses the same opportunities as the large companies.”

NetLedger’s web-based accounting and business management platform aims to enable small businesses to run their companies totally online. NetLedger’s integrated business applications combine enterprise performance and reliability with ease of use and low prices.

The company’s standard offering includes NetLedger, a full-featured, multi-user, web-based accounting solution for small businesses and organizations, available at $4.95 per month per user; NetLedger Basic, a free web-based business finance solution for small businesses and organizations; and NetLedger Personal, a free web-based personal finance solution for the consumer.

Yahoo! Store is one of many data links to NetLedger that have been facilitated by SMBXML, NetLedger’s fully open data interchange standard. The integration between the platforms has been undertaken using industry standard security and encryption technology.

NetLedger has “modules” to integrate services of nearly 20 partners, including Automatic Data Processing, Inc. (ADP) , OfficeMax ,, , New England Business Service , CyberBills, Red Gorilla,, Innovative Merchant Solutions and AuctionWorks.

Goldberg, NetLedger’s founder and former CTO, assumed the post of CEO at NetLedger in late August. Goldberg’s predecessor Bill Mirbach assumed a new role as vice chairman on the Board of Directors, while Larry Ellison, chief executive officer of Oracle , will retain his position as chairman of NetLedger, Inc.

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