Yahoo Launches ‘My Web’ Beta

Yahoo took another step toward providing customized
online services to its users Wednesday, when it launched its latest
personal search feature to keep pace with rival Google .

Yahoo said the beta of My Web is a “personal search
engine” that extends users’ search experience by allowing them to create
an online archive to save their favorite pages, search
results and search history.

“My Web is the next step in our vision of integrating search, personal
search and community by providing users an easy way to have their own
personal Web search experience that incorporates the best of the Web and
what matters most to them,” Qi Lu, vice president of engineering for Yahoo
Search, said in a statement.

Users can also share information with integrated tools, such as e-mail,
instant messenger and personal networking provided by Yahoo’s new Yahoo 360°, the company said.

The search giant said the beta version of My Web, available at the
company’s site, was developed from extensive user feedback generated from
the successful launch of its search history product in October.

My Web also includes key features that provide the user with greater
control and accessibility for their personal search experience.

The new tool promises to deliver more targeted advertising and bigger
revenues for fast-growing search providers, the company said.

As reported by last week,
Google introduced its own personalized search, known as My Search History.

But Yahoo has plans to develop personal search tools to
be integrated with its portal.

Other components of the feature include tools that save their searches,
archive copies of Web pages as they appear at any given time, as well as the
capability to import bookmarks from Microsoft’s Internet Explorer browser.

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