Adaptive Planning lives up to its name

So, recession is the word on everyone’s lips. Everyone but the mooks leading this country who just can’t bring themselves to pronounce the ‘r’ word, despite the financial industry meltdown, people having their homes foreclosed and the computer industry quaking in its collective boots as it looks towards the future. Why, back in February, the White House predicted the economy would escape a recession.

Which brings us to the subject of this particular blog: Surviving the recession. In an excellent example of the American get-up-and-go spirit, which finds a silver lining in every cloud, a company by the name of Adaptive Planning has come up with a solution to help companies survive the recession.

Its Adaptive Planning Recession Survival Kit, offered in software as a service mode, lets finance and executive teams evaluate strategic and tactical actions and their overall cash impact, and reset their financial plans quickly. Speed, it must be noted, is of the essence, a point that escaped our leaders as they dillied and dallied and whined through the weeks before approving the $700 billion bailout plan that promises to leave us poorer than before while letting the…how shall I put it politely? Ah, yes… the crooks in the financial industry that got us into this mess…get away pretty much free and clear.

Basically, the kit offers what-if modeling so company management can see how expense levels, capital expenditures and  other moves will impact cash flow. It also captures collaborative, real time inputs from managers company-wide so top management can get input in near-real time.

The cost of this largesse? Well, you get a six-month subscription to the software, for 10 user seats, consulting services and user training, all for less than $10,000, and can go live within a week.

The benefits? No capital investment, you get top-down integrated financial statements, sales, expense  and capital templates to allow collaboration, integration of one year of historical data, the ability to create unlimited scenarios, comparative scenario reporting and you can import your current budget data into the system.

Oh, and you can get rid of those Excel spreadsheets, for what it’s worth.

So c’mon, Phil Gramm, who says we’re a nation of whiners?

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