Adobe Acrobat Presentations a no go on Google Chrome

From the ‘not quite able to run everywhere‘ files:

I just read a story from my colleague Alex Goldman about the launch of Adobe’s new Presentations service. The idea sounds pretty cool to me, it extends the Acrobat Connect service (a Web presentation service) to enable users to actually build presentation.  The only problem (for me) is that I couldn’t get the site to load on Google Chrome (stable

This shocked me somewhat. Flash is Flash (and I’ve got Flash installed), Chrome isn’t all that different from Safari (which is supported) but Adobe doesn’t have support for Chrome (yet). 

Is this an issue for Adobe?  I sure think it is.  Adobe (in my humble opinion) should include support for all major browsers that support Flash (IE, Firefox, Safari, Chrome and Opera). To exclude Chrome (sure Chrome is new and all) is not a good idea for a vendor trying to claim broad platform support.

On the other hand, there was an issue a few months back with Microsoft Hotmail not working with Chrome. At the time there was a workaround (making Chrome look like Safari with headers) which is a ‘trick’ that might well work with Chrome for Presentations too.

Screenshot: Presentations running on Google Chrome Credit: Sean M Kerner

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