Adobe AIR ditches Linux users

From the ‘Companies that Don’t Get It‘ files:


Adobe AIR is a really neat technology that truly helps to enable cross platform apps – or at least it used to be.

Adobe announced today that it was discontinuing its own supported version of AIR for Linux.

The reason? Adobe doesn’t see growth in the Linux desktop.

“We will no longer be releasing our own versions of Adobe AIR and the AIR
SDK for desktop Linux, but expect that one or more of our partners will
do so,” Adobe staffer Mark Hopper blogged. “The last Adobe release of AIR for desktop Linux is AIR 2.6.  By
focusing on the porting kit and support of partner implementations, we
expect to provide broader support for AIR across Linux-based PCs and
devices, whereas our own desktop Linux releases have accounted for less
than 0.5% of lifetime AIR downloads.”


ok so Adobe hopes that other people will pick up the slack – which may or may not happen.

Is the Linux desktop really as weak as Adobe things? I sincerely think not.


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