Alcatel-Lucent’s Linux Smart Desktop Phone #interop


From the ‘Linux Deskphone‘ files:

LAS VEGAS — Linux is no stranger to the world of mobile smartphones, but what about deskphones?

Is there such a thing as a ‘smart’ deskphone?

While I’ve seen multiple LCD screen enabled desktop phones over the years, Alcatel-Lucent is now developing what it describes as a smart deskphone.

And yes it’s powered by Linux.

The device is officially called the IC phone and there is a developer portal now live which give some additional details on SDK and developer potential for the phone.

I got the opportunity to see a quick demo of the new device at Interop this week, while it’s not yet publicly available, it’s a neat idea. Deskphones aren’t exactly the most exciting piece of equipment, but then again, before the iPhone mobile wasn’t as exciting either – was it?

Check out the video below for the quick ‘verbal’ demo I got of the device while at the show.

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